Las Vegas Vehicle Maintenance Pick-Up and Delivery

Vehicle Maintenance Pick-Up and Delivery in Las Vegas, NV

Car Service Made Simple

Why We Started

Welcome to Loop, your solution for quicker and more convenient car service. The minds behind Loop recognized the need to streamline the automotive service experience. Every vehicle requires regular care and occasional repair, so why not create a business model around one of the most challenging aspects of service—finding the time to do it? Unlike the traditional service process that can consume an average wait time of six hours, Loop takes charge and whittles it down to just five minutes with our vehicle maintenance pick-up and delivery. On our innovative platform, you can schedule a service appointment at one of our 50+ partnered auto shops and dealerships in Northern Nevada. At your designated service time, we swiftly pick up your vehicle, bring it to your preferred shop or dealership, and return it to you promptly once the job is done. What sets Loop apart is our unparalleled commitment to efficiency and our mission to revolutionize the industry, redefining the way you approach car care. For more information about Loop’s vehicle maintenance pick-up and delivery, you can contact our team at (775) 560-7287.