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Car Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

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Every car, truck, SUV, truck, van, and RV requires regular maintenance—and Loop makes it a more seamless, more convenient process. Through our website, you can book a service appointment at your local auto shop or dealership; you must add your vehicle details, the service your vehicle needs, and your trip details. And that’s it! Our licensed drivers will head out to your location at the designated time, pick up your vehicle, bring it to your preferred service location, and drive it back after its service. We know how much hassle it can be to find the time to get your vehicle in for routine car maintenance, which is why we’re proud to have created this solution. So far, we’ve partnered with over 50 shops and dealerships in Northern Nevada to offer this service to our customers; you can see the complete list of partners on our partners page. Schedule today, and start reaping the benefits of Loop immediately.