Electric Vehicle Repair

Electric Vehicle Repair in Las Vegas, NV

Use Loop for Vehicle Service Pick-Up and Delivery

A Streamlined Approach to Electric Vehicle Service

For your electric vehicle repair and maintenance services, trust the team at Loop to give you a hand. Here at Loop, we offer vehicle pick-up and delivery service through our easy-to-use website. To book an appointment for our service, input your preferred auto shop or dealership from one of our 50+ partnered locations in Northern Nevada, vehicle details, service needed, and trip details. Before confirming your appointment, you’ll also receive a total cost estimate for using Loop! At the time of your service, a licensed Loop driver will come to pick up your vehicle, take it to the designated location, and bring it right back—we’ve cut the average six-hour wait time to just five minutes. We possess a commitment to high-quality service, transparency, and honesty. For more information about Loop or to schedule an appointment for electric vehicle repair or maintenance, contact us today.