Oil Change

Oil Change in Las Vegas, NV

No More Time Spent At The Garage

Your Routine Oil Changes, Made Even Easier

Oil changes are the most common maintenance task for vehicles. While they’re already quick to perform, Loop doubles down and removes the need to bring your vehicle in, wait for it to be serviced, and drive it home. Just schedule an appointment at one of our 50+ partnered auto shops and dealerships. We will take care of the rest once we confirm your information and appointment, including your vehicle details, service needs, and pick-up and drop-off location. One of our licensed Loop drivers will pick up your vehicle at the designated time, drive it to get serviced, and return it to you! We cut the average wait time from six hours to just five minutes. Conctact us today to learn more about our service—and us! We look forward to welcoming you into the Loop family soon.