Tire Service

Tire Services in Reno, NV

Keep Your Car Safe On the Road with Regular Tire Services

As the only part of your vehicle that contacts the road, tire services are essential to keeping your vehicle running safely. Several common tire services can help protect your vehicle and keep it running safely. Tire rotation is a service that moves the tires around the vehicle to even out the wear. This helps ensure all four tires wear evenly, which helps extend their life. Additionally, tire rotation helps improve your vehicle’s handling, stability, and braking. A tire balance is another important service that helps to keep your vehicle running smoothly. With this service, a professional will use a special machine to balance the tires, ensuring the tire’s weight is evenly distributed. This helps to reduce vibrations and shaking, which can be dangerous while you drive. Another common tire service is tire alignment. This service helps to ensure the suspension and steering of the vehicle are aligned, which ensures the vehicle will drive straight and will also help to improve your fuel efficiency. Finally, tire pressure should be checked regularly to ensure the tires are inflated to the correct PSI. The correct tire pressure helps to ensure fuel efficiency. It can also help prevent tire punctures.